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      Rental Property Evictions for San Antonio Landlords

      We are ready to help you get the non paying tenant out of your rental property. Whether they don’t appreciate what you are doing for them by leasing your house or they have lost their job, not your fault, you need to start taking steps for an eviction to get them out of your house.

      You Need to Start your Eviction Now

      The entire process can take a minimum of about 3 weeks so there is no time to waist and there is no one better to handle your eviction process than we are.  Call the number or fill out the form to your right and get started right away.  Do not allow your tenant(s) to stay another day without at least a 3 Day Notice to Quit. or Pay or Quit. This way you will get the process started and see what their response is.  Whether they pay and you move on or they leave or you take them to court.  But you have to start now.


      Downtown Courts San Antonio TX

      The court house is downtown or closer to you in other Justice of the Peace court locations for a reason.  You need to make the bleeding  stop and take action now to get your house back.

      After a person has decided in becoming a rental property investor, he or she will be facing a lot of things.  Some are good and easy while some can be stressful and hard to deal with.  For instance, the landlord or the investor has to make sure that the rental property is in a condition that would meet the standard set by government agencies concerned.  Another responsibility that a landlord should handle is screening tenants.

      A good screening process should be aimed towards keeping bad tenants away from the rental property.  These tenants can wreak plenty of havoc on the property like inflicting costly damage.  There are also tenants who would knowingly miss rent payment for months on end and then skip town altogether.  If you are a landlord and you had the misfortune of having such a tenant, it is important that you stop the problem as its starts to avoid any costly problem in the future.

      With that said, anyone who is looking to enter the rental property business should be aware of the eviction process.  This process should be thoroughly understood so that the landlord can use this tool as an effective way to keep their property secured from bad tenants.  Aside from that, not knowing the eviction process could lead to the landlord getting into legal trouble down the line.


      The First Step in Evictions for a Landlord

      Rental House San Antonio Texas

      The first thing that a prospective landlord should learn about the process is the first step.  After deciding that the tenant or renter should be evicted, the landlord should give notice saying that the renters are expected to move out before a set date.

      If the tenant chose to ignore the notice, the next step for the landlord to take is to serve another notice.  This time, it should be a “notice of intention to seek possession”.  Basically, this notice would tell the tenants that if they do not move out of the property, the landlord would be forced to take things further and take it to the courts.

      Without that second notice, the landlord cannot elevate the issue to the legal platform.  After proving that the second notice has been served, the landlord can ask the court to decide whether the tenant should be evicted or not.  If the landlord can prove that the tenant has done some things that are worthy of eviction, the court can mandate the eviction of the latter.

      Since eviction is a touchy topic, it is vital for every landlord to understand the process.  By doing this, he or she would be able to make the right decisions moving forward if the issue of eviction crops up.

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