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      We help Landlords, Investors, and Property Managers in Residential and Commercial Evictions in San Antonio. We strive to offer you the best and fastest attention possible. When you call us we can get started on your case right away as time is important and we want to help regain your losses. Since evictions are time critical, we will work diligently to get your Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit filed as soon as possible and to keep you informed of the eviction status. We are eviction specialist in San Antonio for unlawful occupancy.  If your rent has not been paid. 

      You need to start the eviction as soon as possible. We are experts in the eviction process for San Antonio and we will provide you with the expertise needed to get your rent paid or your property back. We will handle all your eviction requirements for properties in Bexar County.  We are concerned about you and your investment and will work closely to provide you with the best service possible.

      What we do:

      • Landlord / Tenant Law (we only work with landlords)
      • Single-family residence and Multifamily Units
      • Commercial Property
      • Prepare the eviction notice
      • Service the notice to vacate letter
      • File with the court the Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit
      • Represent the landlord before the court
      • Execute the WRIT of Possession if necessary

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      The Eviction Process Handled for Landlords

      An eviction is not complicated but there is a number of important details you need to know. Such as; how to deal with the tenant, and how to handle the paperwork and court procedural process.

      We are familiar with the judges and understand the differences in how they handle cases so that you have our experience if the need to go to court arises. You want everything handled professionally because if they are mishandled it can easily turn against you and cause problems which can lead to delays and more cost.

      Call Now And Get Us Working Hard for You Personal Eviction Services to Protect Your Investment! We Only Serve Landlords Call us We are experienced in providing landlords with an eviction service they can trust, with years of experience; there hasn’t been an issue we haven’t seen before So get us to deliver the eviction notice to pay or quit and if they don’t leave we go to court for you to save you the aggravation.  We handle all the paperwork (you have to get this right).  We will stand before the judge on your behalf, you do not have to go to court unless there is the need because of witness testimony.  Then the judge makes the determination after hearing both sides of the case and then a judgment is given.  If after 5 days they do not leave the house we can help serve the WRIT of Possession and you have your house back.


      Eviction Lawyer in San AntonioAs an Eviction Attorney in San Antonio,
      We know how to handle your case

      We can help you get the rent or determine if the tenants are just trying to game the system to stay as long as possible living rent-free at your expense. When we deliver a formal eviction notice in San Antonio and surrounding Bexar County the tenant will immediately recognize us as professionals and that they are not dealing with the landlord. This is the very first step in removing your tenants from your house and many times this is all it takes is for us to deliver this letter to vacate the property or pay rent. All games come to an end when third parties are called in to handle the situation. Renters recognize that they should pay the rent, get out of the property, or they will be taken to a JP Court in Bexar County.  Most do not want this on their records. From time to time you may run into a really stubborn tenant that refuses to vacate the property. That is when you absolutely need our help because we have the experience in dealing with those difficult situations. We can help you get them out of your property.  If you fail to do this correctly and without the court’s clear instructions you could end up paying for the tenants legal fees!

      Start the Eviction Process Now to Avoid Problems

      Any problems can be avoided by letting us handle the entire eviction process for you.  To delay can cause even more problems so it is important to start today. Wasting time and losing money is not the reason you became a landlord. We can help you get the back your property from those who rented your house.

      Who Needs an Eviction Notice

      When your tenant gets an eviction notice from an eviction us in San Antonio, we get results.  Get started now! Your renter is not paying rent so the time you take to choose is costing you money! If you want to talk to someone experienced we are just a phone call away. Every month you are not collecting rent is costing you money! You need to take action now! Waiting any longer is simply not an option. You can call us for a free consultation to see if we can help you. An eviction is a legal process that can be very detailed and involved. Please just watch the video above and you can see why you will want to hire us to represent you in this process. Do you understand all the legal requirements to do an eviction?  If not you may want to watch the video above and see why you should consider hiring us an authorized agent to represent you in a court.


      The Eviction Letter We Send it for You

      We can send a letter of eviction that will either get the tenant to pay you or to get out. This is not a typical 3 Day notice this is either Pay or Quit. In Texas, you better know and understand the legal system. Failure on any part of the process of eviction could result in you, the landlord, paying your tenant’s legal fees. It is vital that you have every detail covered and all of your paperwork sorted. Doing otherwise can be very expensive for you in not only time but money spent on your own tenant’s lawyers, the tenants you really wish to get out of your own property! Starting over again simply will end up costing you more money. Don’t go through this process alone, you could simply pay us and avoid any of this hassle. If you fail to get your tenants out you are losing even more money, which is money you could spend on marketing your property to new tenants. The Best Eviction Lawyer in San Antonio

      Get those nonpaying tenants out of your property! Having an experienced agent can save you money. Maybe you have gone through this situation before and lost in the past? You will want someone experienced to prosecute these evictions for you.

       Eviction Process: We Get Results for San Antonio Landlords

      Our team can assure you that we will do everything we can to have a successful outcome of an eviction. We depend on you for all the information given to us is up-to-date and accurate.  Quite frankly, the law is on your side but the process of using the court systems and the prosecution of an eviction can be daunting to anyone not fully experienced dealing with this. Even minor issues can potentially derail your case, you won’t know about those until it is too late. We know and understand the pitfalls that may hinder any prosecution. Every day you wait is money you are losing. We can help you get those tenants out!

      The next step is finding better tenants!

      Spending the time to find a better renter is really where you should be spending your time! Many people look for rental properties for a variety of reasons, and there are plenty of good renters out in the marketplace. It is far better to spend a little more time to find a renter that will pay you regularly and not be a nuisance.  We also do property management, just ask for our agents.