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      Eviction notice Post San Antonio

      Eviction Notice in San Antonio – What you must do to secure your property

      Eviction Notice for Unpaid Rent in San Antonio


      The Eviction Notice is the first thing we deliver as your agent to start the process of eviction. As with many things regarding rental properties, there are rules and regulations to follow.   

      As a homeowner, you are probably aware of your local ordinances and what you must do to be in compliance. However, did you know that you needed to follow a certain procedure if you wished to evict your renters from your property?

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      Giving proper notice to vacate and the ability for your renters to appeal to the court system is just a matter of fairness. How much notice you give your tenants will be determined based upon how they have broke their lease agreement. Typically, an eviction is considered to be a last ditch effort to recover a property from someone who has no desire to pay rent or who has damaged the property without any means to repair it.

      We Will Bring to Court All the Necessary Eviction Papers

      Regardless of the reasons you may have to remove your renters from your property you should always come to the court prepared with enough evidence to support your case. Of course, as a landlord you will want to also make sure that you complied with all of the stipulations in the lease agreement. Failure to keep the property repaired and in good order can result in any eviction case being thrown out. The more you anticipate problems the more likely you will be successful in the court system.

      With any court hearing the success of your case will be with what “grounds” you come to the court house. Essentially, you should have enough evidence to warrant an eviction so there will be no doubt in the judge’s eyes that this is necessary. If you have repeatedly tried to correct issues with your renters you will need to keep documentation of these interactions. The more documentation you have the better off you will be, so every time you speak with your renters are sure to document everything that was said and the outcome of the conversations.

      We Have You Covered As We Do This Daily You Are In Good Hands With The Eviction

      The reasons you may have for issuing an eviction notice are numerous. You may evict for nonpayment of rent, for illegal activities conducted on your property, and for any violation in the lease agreement. Or alternatively if things have become really bad you may want to evict for multiple reasons and the inability to get your renters to comply with your wishes.

      Whatever reason you choose to use to evict your tenants will determine how much notice you will need to give them. For instance, if you choose to evict someone for nonpayment of rent you can do so with as little as three days’ notice or five days’ notice if delivered by mail. In some cases you may post this notice on the front door of the property, but that is rare that these properties would require that to be done. The best way is to just mail it in and have a return receipt requested to keep a paper trail.

      It is unfortunate that your renters have required you to go to these lengths but it is vital that you always keep within the law. There are many people who will try and lock out tenants but if you should choose to go this route you will be required to supply the tenants with a new key when they ask for it. So, really that would just be a wasted expense and it is not recommended.

      Getting people out of your property should always be done with the help of law enforcement. Don’t just hire thugs to get people to move out. Not only are you opening yourself up to civil liabilities but this is just illegal. Always keep in mind that the “self-help” route that some advocate are just plain illegal and can get you into a lot of trouble in the long run.

      Get the Tenants Attention with Our Hand Delivered Eviction Notice

      We hand deliver an Eviction Notice for you. Our notice is specially designed to get the tenants attention to force them to make a decision. They will in most cases pay the rent due or move out. Now they see you are serious and they will react and not give you the run around.

      If they don’t react the we ACT and get the court process going!

      So let us deliver your next Eviction Notice.  Call (210) 510-1800 and get started today. Find out more about the personally delivered notices.

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